We stock a wide range of Produce and products for animals, from small pets and animals to hobby farms, including herbicides & fertilisers!

Please phone our store or drop by to see how we can help you today.


Pet Food

We stock top quality pet food for your furry friends! CopRice, Enduro, Purina and more. Not just for Dogs, we have a range of cat foods and kitty litter options too.

We can help you with frozen roo mince/chunky and bones, puppy mince and chicken necks


Herbicides & Poisons


Pellets for Farms

We’ve got all your produce needs from small animals & pets to hobby farms. 

  • Goat Pellets
  • Sheep Pellets
  • Pig Pellets
  • Chicken Mash & Pellets
  • Chicken Starter & Grower
  • Guinea Pig Pellets & Chaff
  • Birds Seed - Peach Face, Finch, Budgie & Wild Birds.